Literature Essay

A literature essay is the body part of a research paper. Creating a perfect literature essay requires the write to know what it entails. The first part is introduction. The introduction of a literature essay should be brief and points to what the discussion of the body paragraphs entail. In a perspective way, the introduction states the aspects of the research results that the writer intends to present in the essay.

The second part of writing a literature essay entails a plan of the paragraph bodies of the essay. The number of paragraphs in the literature essay depends on the extent of the points the writer wants to assert and support in the essay. A standard literature essay is usually made of about six points well explained and fully supported with irrefutable evidence. One point may be elucidated and supported in a minimum of one paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs depending on the nature of the topic and the instructions provided by the instructor. The writer is obliged to make a free flow of the paragraphs by linking them smoothly.

The other part entails the consideration of the evidence to be used in supporting the discussion. When you make a point, you are obliged to prove it with evidence from the available research about the topic of the literature essay. Just like cases in court are supported with evidence to prove the authenticity of the argument of a lawyer, so is the literature essay points must be supported using concrete evidence. Every point or assertion made must be supported with enough evidence from the source documents.

However, the evidence proved must support the argument made in a direct way. As such, the link between the assertion made and the evidence provided must be clearly identifiable from the essay. The argument must also be clear, concise, and precise. However, it is advisable to make simple assertions and points that will be easy to support. The evidence used from the research sources should also be simple to understand so as to guarantee the student some higher marks.

The other part the student must consider when writing the essay is the use of quotes. The quotes are used directly in the essay as they are in the research sources. When quoting, the parts used must be in quotes and the source document must be well cited to acknowledge that the quote is not the writer’s original work and have been borrowed from a source. If the quote is more than 3 sentences, it must be quoted on a new line and indented within the quotes to show that it is a direct lift of information from a source.

For example a quote of a few lines is done as follows:

“Quoting the quote from a source in a literature essay directly lifted from a credible source intended to prove the point or assertion made by the writer (Acknowledge the source of the quote).”

An example of a quote of more than three lines:

“Quoting the quote from a source in a literature essay directly lifted from a credible source intended to prove the point or assertion made by the writer must be started from a new line and indented like shown in this quote and the quotation marks must be included (Acknowledge the source of the quote).”

The last part is a conclusion that summarizes the discussion presented in the body paragraphs.